Hawnes – the story of a school

A history of Haynes Park and Hawnes School, compiled by an Old Hag from former pupils’ memories, school and old girls’ magazines and other contemporary material, including photos has been published.

The book had sold out but we’ve had a reprint in 2023.

If anyone would like to buy one please get in touch with the chair person …Susan Glover nee Raine :  £20 a copy plus postage . 

And Hawnes has its own FaceBook page – see the links page.

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The Newsletter

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The introduction from page 1 of the latest newsletter


Dear Friends from OHA

Welcome to the OHA Newsletter for 2023. The recent years have been marred and interrupted by the pandemic but hopefully 2023 has seen us back on track.

Since the last newsletter I have retired from teaching. I had expected that this would give me more time but as most of you know life can be busy in retirement and sometimes we wonder when we found time to go to work!

Following the years of disruption by the pandemic, life seems to have settled to a new normal and we have been able to see family and friends again.

This year March 2023 saw our first Annual General Meeting since 2020 when the pandemic had forced the cancellation of the AGM in March, although a number of brave souls did attend the luncheon that year.

We had lunched for many years at the Radisson Hotels, Tottenham Court Road, in Bloomsbury, London, however this year the time had come for a change of venue. Details follow later in this newsletter.

Please send me any items that you would like to see included in the newsletter. This is essential if we are to have a newsletter.

I’m not on social media but will ask Charlotte Lippmann to post this newsletter on Facebook.

We no longer automatically send hard copies of the newsletter to all Old Hags, but let us know if you or anyone you know does require one.

With best wishes for the New Year 2024
Lucy Fraser (1968-73) Granville