Hawnes – the story of a school

A history of Haynes Park and Hawnes School, compiled by an Old Hag from former pupils’ memories, school and old girls’ magazines and other contemporary material, including photos has been published.

The book had sold out but we’ve had a reprint in 2023.

If anyone would like to buy one please get in touch with the chair person …Susan Glover nee Raine :  £20 a copy plus postage . 

And Hawnes has its own FaceBook page – see the links page.

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The 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friends from OHA

Welcome to the OHA Newsletter for 2020, however it is already 2021
and the year is passing by. The difficulties engendered by the
pandemic have meant that this year has been strange and laborious
for many.

Some will have already had the vaccine and it won’t be long before we have all been offered vaccination.

Let’s hope that this is a step forward. The enduring friendships that many of us made at school have been wonderful support during this year; time is the true measure of friendship!

This is my first year as editor and my apologies for the publication
delay. My thanks to Liz Jennings, our previous editor for her help and
advice on how to approach the task. This has been a strange year for
all of us. I had hoped to be retired by now but am still teaching
(perhaps a surprise to those who knew me at school).

The current pandemic impacted on OHA as soon as it hit the UK with
the cancellation of the Annual General Meeting due to be held at The
Radisson Blu Grafton Hotel, Tottenham Court Rd, Bloomsbury,
London on Saturday, 14th March 2020. While the AGM might have had to be cancelled great valour was demonstrated by a ‘few, a happy
band of sisters’ who attended the lunch (it takes more than a pandemic to subdue the Old Hagensians!).

Like many people this year, I resorted to the garden. It’s cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes!

I do hope that 2021 will see life return to some sort of normality and
that we will be able to see family and friends again.

Please send me any items that you would like to see included in the

With best wishes for 2021,